Haida Gwaii BC’s best salt water fishing

15 Minutes from dock to fishing grounds

Trophy Salmon and Halibut Fishing

"Masset” gateway to the best Ocean fishing on the coast

Fishing Areas

We have the best location on the west coast. We are in close proximity to great fishing areas.

From the dock we can be fishing in 15 minutes.  More time trolling than cruising means more time dragging hooks.  Once out of Masset Inlet we head to the Salmon hot spots starting at the shallows in front of Strigh Island, working west we follow the Kelp line past Hidden Island and into a Kelp bay locally known as the “Glory Hole”. There has been some monster Chinook pulled out of this area, it’s shallow and sheltered from the current, always worth a trip in to see what’s lurking.  Further west is Wiah point, now we start getting deeper and follow the ridge past the “Red Can” and circle back along the Kelp.  From Wiah point we pick up the gear and cruise west to Cape Edenshaw.  The Cape is on the eastern side of Naden Harbour, which is a large bay.  This area has Kelp beds, rock out cropping’s and deep water current lines, all areas that salmon like.

For Halibut we can troll deep in Naden opening, an area between Cape Edenshaw and Cape Naden or we can “pickup sticks” and head back east past Masset Inlet and work Virago Sound, the Sound is considered very shallow for Halibut fishing, anywhere from 100 feet right into 40 feet of water, shallow yes but very productive and it allows us a very unique way of catching Halibut.