Haida Gwaii BC’s best salt water fishing

15 Minutes from dock to fishing grounds

Trophy Salmon and Halibut Fishing

"Masset” gateway to the best Ocean fishing on the coast

What is Fish Masset

Masset Fishing Adventures is all about the experience, with the first priority being the comfort and safety of our clients. We are always trying for that trophy, we rig for the big ones, a 70 pound Chinook is great but a 30 pound Chinook is a nice fish and a great experience. We believe in caring for the fish that we keep for food, they are cleaned on the boat to keep them as fresh as possible, chilled on ice to bring the fish that you are going to eat to the processing plant in the best condition possible.

A days fishing with us is about the experience of fishing in Canada’s most pristine waters and one of the world’s premier salmon fishing areas. We believe in taking care of the resources and playing by the rules. We Specialize in fishing with the aggressive hard core guys, the son and senior dad to give Dad some great pay back and the family giving the young ones the experience, as well as the all girl team, we get them all. Does that mean we are laid back? Not likely.

We are aggressive guides we make our living hunting fish and we are very good at it. We use great equipment, good technology and have excellent local experience. We know where they are hiding and we are on the hunt.

What do we do different? We simply dial the day to what you want.