Haida Gwaii BC’s best salt water fishing

15 Minutes from dock to fishing grounds

Trophy Salmon and Halibut Fishing

"Masset” gateway to the best Ocean fishing on the coast

2014 Fishing Limits

You are allowed to have four salmon per day, two of which can be Chinook (King) salmon.  For example you can have two Chinook and two others, one Chinook three others, etc.  Other species such as Coho (Silvers), Sockeye, Chum or Pink are four per day.  Possession limit is eight salmon.

You are allowed one Halibut per day and have two in possession.  One halibut can be a maximum of 133 cm or approximately 52 lbs. the second has to be under 90 cm or approximately 20 lbs.  Or both halibut can be under 90 cm.

Ling Cod
Three per day, six in possession.

Rock Fish
Five per day two of which can be Yellow Eye Rock fish (Red Snapper).